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I am Arone cross

Professional image consultant from France, in the city of Paris. I hope you will appreciate my services and that after that we can create something great together!

Through the lens, the world looks different and I would like to show you that difference. I learned this at the age of 10, when I took my first pictures with my father. After that, with years of practice and tons of experience, I learned the techniques, which helps me in my work with modern brands and companies. And all this is maybe yours, contact me.

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Where the magic happens passion

The passion to discover a garment, to be cared for regardless of the circumstances comes from my  beloved mother.

Always coquettish and fashionable,
She allowed me to see that behind every clothe there is a message and...
Beyond an outfit there is a story.

This is expressed by The Image

With my passion for clothes I help people around me to regain their self-confidence thanks to my makeover methods and my  advice that is based on  self-esteem.

After several years  of reflection, I decided to make my passion my profession.

This is how I like to express my personality to you. Sometimes you can't see the difference between two completely different styles. Yet they can be used to express the same personality.

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